Inspired by the fact that many children give up learning music because they are unable to get help at home, the author has outlined Help Me Learn Music, a practical, simple to use and easy-to-understand book which will make learning music more fun and enjoyable for young children.


With Help Me Learn Music, parents will no longer need to know any music if their children, with ages from 5 to 7 years old, need help at home with their music lessons. This book has everything laid out in a simple, straight forward way. Smith has designed this book for children to know their A B C or their Do Re Mi at the next lesson, which will surely excite and delight teachers. It will help the children understand the principles of music better and enjoy as they progress without dropping out in frustration. The basic structure of the book applies to any type of keyboard and most string and wind instruments. Learning music will be more fun, stimulating and interesting with this book.


In Help Me Learn Music, Smith has written a handy tool that is unique because it encourages the pupil to compose from a very early stage and will inspire them to play their own notes and learn the principles. The cheerful nature of this book is a wise choice for any young beginner—or even an older beginner.